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7 Petal Granny Square

I know that this is not knitting yet I feel that, since I have pretty much given up on my old blogger, this should have a place here amongst my "stuff".

Here is a picture of my new granny square which I believe is a new pattern. It is hard to make a granny square out on anything other than a 6 or 8 petal flower but this one has only seven. Hope you enjoy. This pattern has been updated with additional information and for easier understanding of the pattern.

Pattern: 7 Petal Flower Granny Square
Hook Size H
Worsted Wt. Yarn
Stitches used: ch (chain) sl st (slip stitch) sc (single crochet) hdc (half double crochet) dc (double crochet) trc (triple or treble crochet) dtc (double treble crochet)

This Granny is a little different because instead of 6 or 8 petals this one only has 7. As all of you know odd numbers are hard to work with when you are making a granny square. This one is still easy only with a small twist. Don't let an odd number scare you away.

C1 - natural,C2 - lt. rose,C3 - lt. willow,C4 - Dk. willow,C5 - Dk. rose.(I used Mary Maxim starlette yarn)


Center, flower and leaves

Round 1: sc, *chain 4, sc in loop 7 times. (7 loops in all) Finish off C1.
Round 2: Attach C2 in any ch 4 loop. *ch. 2, trc, dtr (yarn over 3 times), trc, chain 2, sl st in same loop, ch 1, sl st in next loop*. Repeat from * to * around, ending with last sl st in first petal loop. Finish off C2.
Round 3: join C3 in any ch.1 sp between petals, chain 4, sc in next ch 1 sp. * ch 4, sc in next ch. 1 sp. 6 more times. Sl st to beginning ch 1 space. Push petals to front of chain 4 loops.

Here is where we make up for the lost few stitches.

Round 4: In first ch 4 space, sc 5 times, sc 5 times in next ch 4 space around to last chain 4 space, sc 6 times in this last chain 4 space, sl st to first sc. (36 sc around).
Round 5: working in every stitch around, ch 4, trc in next, dc in next, dc in next, hdc in next, dc in next, dc in next, trc in next, trc in next, ch 2, *trc, trc, dc, dc, hdc, dc, dc, trc, trc, ch 2*, three more times. Sl st. to top of first ch 4 space. Finish off C3.You now have a four sided square.

Here is where we start turning this into a granny square.

Round 6: Attach C4 in any corner space. Chain 3, dc twice, chain 2, 3 dc all in same corner sp. ch 1, skip next 2 st, 3 dc in next stitch, ch 1, skip next 2 st., 3 dc in next st., ch. 1, skip next 2 stitches to corner, * 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1 in corner space, sk 2 st, 3dc in next st., ch 1 sk 2 st 3 dc in next st, ch 1*, repeat from * to * 2 more times. sl st in top of ch 3 sp. Finish off C4.

The next two rows will be stitched as a traditional granny square.

Round 7: Attach C1 in any corner, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1 in corner space. Skip next 3 dc, 3dc, ch 1 in next ch 1 space of prev. row (3 times) across to corner space. *3 dc, ch 2, 3dc, ch 1 in corner space, skip next 3 dc, 3 dc in next chain one space, ch 1 (three times), repeat from * to * 2 more times. Sl st to top of beg, ch 3. Finish off C1
Round 8: Attach C5 in any corner, Repeat as above only adding one more 3 dc in same sp to each side. (4 - 3dc, ch 1 on each side, excluding corner spaces). Finish off C5.

You can stop here if you want a 6 1/2" square.

Round 9: Attach C1 in any st., sc around, with 3 sc in each corner space, sl st to first sc.

This will make a 7" granny square.

Check guage as yarns are different and adjust your hook accordingly.

Enjoy.I believe that this is an original pattern. Use it for your personal use and share it with friends if you like, but please do not sell this pattern.
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